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World of Tanks FV215b - 8 Kills 9,3K Damage
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World of Tanks FV215b - 8 Kills 9,3K Damage

Medals received: Radley-Walter's Medal, High Caliber, Top Gun

The FV215b is a British tier 10 heavy tank.

Proposed plan for a heavy tank on the basis of the Conqueror Mk. II. Unlike the production model, this modification featured rear placement of the fighting compartment. No prototypes were manufactured.

Possibly the most devastating tier 10 heavy tank, in the game, the FV215b is as quirky as it is potentially destructive. Most easily likened to the American T110E5, the 215b is outfitted with a marginally better hull than the Caernarvon and Conqueror. Nevertheless, the tank makes some spectacular leaps from its predecessor in terms of turret thickness, gun performance, general stats, and not the least agility as it receives roughly a 65% increase in traverse speed. Also, its rear mounted turret enables gameplay slightly similar to that of the Maus and may take a bit of time to adjust to when coming off of the traditional layout of the Conqueror. Unlike the Maus, however, the side armor of the 215b is nowhere near as thick and even well performed side scraping can fail to protect the tank from incoming fire of potent guns at times. The FV215b enjoys a low vertical profile and can effectively take cover behind most terrain irregularities. As a sniping tank, few other heavy tanks excel at unleashing as devastating a barrage of gunfire as the FV215b. Combine that with it's superb maneuverability, the fact that this tank can re-position effectively and cover an area with confidence, and the FV215b becomes a lovable machine which handles effortlessly and rewards daring players with great results.

The FV215b marks the end of its British heavy line.

Outro song: Shlow Motion 2 by Niklas Ahlström



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